4 Best EA Games For iPhone And iPod Touch

When it comes to computers and gaming consoles, EA Games is undoubtedly one of the best game developers in the market. There are number of EA Games for iPhone and iPod Touch available in the market and we have compiled the list of the best ones.

EA Games are known for their jaw dropping graphics supported by amazing game play. And here is list of best iPhone EA Games that you can download and start playing.

4 Best EA Games For iPhone And iPod Touch


If you love singing, then American Idol is the game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. You get to sing songs with notes and would get appreciated for good efforts by the judges. Since this game is more about game play, so the developers have put a lot of efforts behind it, which makes it an interesting game to check out.


Here is a best selling console game and computer game for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are into action games, then this is a must have game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. With number of arenas, weapons, combat styles and superior graphics, this action game by EA Games for iPhone is a good one to have.


I had to list this game because I am a huge fan of Fifa by EA. And just like a PC versions or a Console version, Fifa 11 for iPhone and iPod Touch is equally good. It features amazing graphics, commentary and good game play.


This is one of the most realistic games you have ever seen on iPhone. With superior graphics, Skate It will make you fall in love for this sport even if you are not a skating fan. Apart from ground breaking graphics, this game offers you with number of players and tracks which would keep you busy and amused.

Apart from these 4 best EA Games For iPhone and iPod Touch, there are many more which would impress you. So, eventually it comes to the personal choice of games, rather than the rating and capability of the game.

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September 2, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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