3 Top Recycle Bin for Android

Now the concept of Recycle Bin is something that everyone would wish to have on their Android devices. The fact that there isn’t any harm that these sort of apps would do makes this a big deal.

I am pretty sure that there have been times when you have deleted something from your Android may be accidentally or may be in hurry, and then you wish to have it back. Had you been having something like a Recycle Bin that you have on your computer on your Android device would have saved you from such situations.

In this post, I am going to list out such top Recycle Bins for Android. These wonderful free Android apps would make sure that you won’t loose any data from your Android accidentally or in hurry, by giving you an extra confirmation layer.

Once you loose your data, you search the entire web world to find a way to recover deleted data. Instead, get a Recycle Bin installed on your Android so that you can have an extra deletion layer on your device.

recycle bin for android

3 Top Recycle Bin for Android

Android Recycle Bin

It works like charm while recovering any of the deleted audio / video / images back on to your Android device. It has got its PRO version too, but its FREE version is good enough to serve you as a basic Recycle Bin on your Android and offer whatever you are exactly looking for.


This is surely one of the most popular app of this particular sort on Android. Its capable of undeleting all the file formats. To be precise, its capable of undeleting anything that you have deleted on your Android. This app also lets you have a look at the deleted files before recovering. Its a complete Recycle Bin that you are looking for.

Recycle Bin – Restore Apps

As the name suggests, this app is just meant for restoring deleted apps. Now why exactly would you need an additional app to restore apps? Well, when you delete an app, and install it back, all its user info would have got erased. In such cases, apps like Recycle Bin – Restore Apps would prove to be useful.

Apart from these three apps, there are few more which you might want to check out. These are, Recycle Bin, AppRecycle Bin Lite and few more. But the above 3 would serve your purpose well.

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December 25, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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