3 Top Free GPS Apps For Nexus 7

Within no time, Nexus 7 has turned itself as one of most top selling tablet PCs on the planet. And all the credit goes to the tablet itself.  I am not compiling this post to mend good words about this wonderful tablet PC, infact I am listing out some of the best free GPS apps for Nexus 7.

With the invention of smartphones, I do not see anybody buying a GPS device. Yes, those devices are almost out of the market. And if you have Nexus 7 in your hand right now, so get ready with the Google Play Store as below are some of the best Nexus 7 GPS apps that you would like to try out.

3 Top Free GPS Apps For Nexus 7

3 Top Free GPS Apps For Nexus 7

CoPilot GPS

This GPS app will stil well on your Nexus 7. In addition to online maps, this app comes with offline maps too. With a powerful route planning optimizer, and stored 2D maps, you can plan your journey and make it as simple as possible.

Google Maps

How can one Android user be living without been using Google Maps as it comes packed with every Android device. People love using it as its powered by Google hence its fully fledged. But there are many reasons one would look for an alternative too, like it does not offer offline maps. Yet, its one of the most popular GPS apps.

NavFree USA

The best part about this app is that it offers offline maps of 50 states in USA. Hence you can easily find your way out even when your phone is not connected to Internet. Yes, I am talking about the trouble times. But the drawback is that you cannot live traffic updates. If you are only looking for offline maps, then get it installed right away.

I would have easily taken this list to 5 or 7 from top 3, but you can refer our other GPS apps lists to get to know about them.

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January 10, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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