3 Top Free Android Apps To Record Slow Motion Videos

Camera is definitely one of the most integral part of a smartphone. At the same time, a smartphone’s camera might not let to shoot high definition videos, but it surely lets you capture some priceless moments.

Have you felt like recording videos in slow motion? If not recording, then how about playing the existing videos in slow motion? I am sure you have and that is the reason that you have ended on to this web page.

I have listed out some of the free Android apps which would let you record slow motion videos. I am sure that you would like to have them on your device, as its always nice to have some tools which lets you create interesting things.

3 Top Free Android Apps To Record Slow Motion Videos

Controlled Capture Lite

Its tag line says, got control of your camera? This app basically unleashes your camera and lets you change camera settings and do your recording that your conventional camera could not. You can record videos in slow motion and capture time-lapse sequenced images. It has it PRO version also, but this LITE version is decent enough to meet your requirement.

Slow Motion Free

Its a pretty solid app as it lets you play existing videos in slow motion, and also record videos in slow motion. It could be used for recording dance moves, watching natural beauty, ocean waves and much more. If you want to have an ad free version which would not have any recording limit, then you can go for its PRO version too.


Now this is not exactly a video recording app, but it lets you play back existing videos in slow motion. And its other modes are fast forward, frame by frame playback, make clips of a movie, capture snapshots from video and repetition play back.

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June 3, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra


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