3 Free Android Apps To Find Duplicate Files and Contacts

You can easily find tools which would help you get rid of duplicate files. But in this post, we would be actually about the Android apps to find duplicate files. Whether it would be duplicate songs, photos, or any other type of files, these free Android apps would help you find them and get rid of the if you want.

Storage media is one of the most expensive entities in the world, and truly believe that it should be saved regardless the fact that the memory chips for your smartphones and Android devices are pretty cheap. I mean, why would you want to have multiple files on your Android device? If you are not in a position to find them manually and delete them, then make use of these apps.

3 Free Android Apps To Find Duplicate Files and Contacts

3 Free Android Apps To Find Duplicate Files and Contacts


This Android app is actually meant for finding duplicate media files like videos, images and music. This app basically scans the meta data information of these media files, finds the duplicate ones, and lists out them for you.

Now you can delete these duplicate files and free some good amount of memory. The only thing which is disappointing about this app is that it only lets you find 30 duplicate songs as multi deletion feature. Unlimited deletion of songs is only available on a single selection basis.

If you are ready to shell out $2, then you can buy its full version to enjoy all its features without any sort of limitations.

Duplicate Manager

As the name intends, this is a file manager while is meant for handling duplicate files. This app lets you find duplicate files and then move or delete those files. This file manager is capable of handling music files, videos files, photos, and even contacts. You can call it a one stop solution for finding and removing duplicate files.

Search Duplicate File

This Android app helps in finding out the duplicate MP3 files, other audio files, videos, photos, backups and other Android apps. In short, this single app helps you get rid of huge amount of duplicate content from your device and free a good amount of space. And the fact that there are no limitations in terms of search and deleting files makes it a pretty powerful app. Give it a try, you would surely like using it.

Apart from these Android apps there are more number of other apps too which would help you find duplicate music or files or contents. But the fact that each one of these apps can handle all types of files itself makes these apps pretty powerful.

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