3 Best Free Sticky Notes Apps For Android

Sticky Notes is one of those apps which have unexpectedly influenced so much in peoples’ life. There isn’t a day when I do not use Sticky Notes or a similar app to jot down my notes. Whether it would be my Mac, smartphone or Office desktop, this is one app which I use all the time.

So if you too prefer using applications like Sticky Notes and own an Android device, then we bring 3 best free Sticky Notes apps for Android which can be basically used as Android notes apps, I guess that is what you are actually looking for.

3 Best Free Sticky Notes Apps For Android


This is a free note making app which lets you make notes, nothing more than that, just notes. And this makes it a wonderful application. You can either make normal notes, or you can make a check list. And yes, as the name indicates, you get to choose colors for your notes.


Here is an advanced version of any sticky notes you have ever used. It is more like a widget, which lets you make categories. Yes, you can save notes as per the categories you have created. This is a great way to manage dozens of your notes in a sophisticated manner.


Yes, this might be the app you were actually looking for your Android. Once you tap on it, it lets you add notes and when you tap n it again, it can be dismissed. If you are used to the Sticky Notes of Windows 7 or Stickies of Mac, then you would love this app as it looks just the same.

There are many more Android notes apps available, but these are the ones which are closer to the Sticky Notes that we have been using on our Windows and Mac laptops and computers. If you come across any such Sticky Notes apps for Android, do comment and share with us.

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July 13, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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