3 Best Free Games For Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the most powerful smartphone in the market today across all the mobile platforms. And no wonder, as a proud owner of Galaxy S III, you would surely want to make the most of this advanced smartphone.

If you are into games, then try out HD games on Galaxy S 3 as its processor, RAM and display would let you relish them to the core. There are number of super cool High Definition games available for Android smartphones, but most of them are paid.

If you are looking for free HD games for Galaxy S III, then this post might offer you some. No, I am not giving away any links to download paid games for free, but I would be sharing the info about the free Galaxy S 3 HD games.

Best Free HD Games For Samsung Galaxy S 3

Angry Birds

I do not know why do I even mention this game in the best Android games list when I know that you would download this game irrespective to the fact that it is ranked by me or any other another blogger or not.


An interesting game to kill time. This cycle stunt game, BMX Boy looks absolute killer on the big display of Galaxy S3. You can choose between 3 different terrains, with 90 different levels, there are so many tricks that you can explore while playing this game.

Yoo Ninja Free

I have not tried this game, but those who have, say that it is an addictive game. Unleash the hidden Ninja in you while playing this game. With an incredibly interesting story mode, you get to play with your Ninja in 34 different levels in 4 different worlds. A pure delight to your eyes. And yes, its free!

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June 13, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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