3 Best Free Android Radio Apps

If you feel that radio is dead, then I have to tell you that you are completely mistaken. I agree that the listener base have gone down big time, but there are people who still love listening music on radio. Now lets talk about the other angle of it. If you are done with downloading and copying music to your Android devices, then why don’t you try free radio apps for Android.

In this cyber world, you need not carry FM transistors or similar devices to listen to radio. If you have any Android device may be smartphone or tablet PC, then you can try out these free Android radio apps. Well, radio plays music in a random way so you get to explore so much. You get to listen to amazing stuff that you would never listen to if you might not have tried these apps.

3 Best Free Android Radio Apps


Using this free Android music app is as simple as its name. You can browse through number of radio stations which are categorized on the basis of genre. And apart from that, you could also find number of featured stations. It also features few international music stations which let you discover music that you might have never listened to.


This Android Radio app lets you enjoy music which is being broadcasted over 350 stations. You get to listen music from oldies like Bob Dylan, to latest hits of Justin Beiber. This radio app is highly recommended if you are from US as it is meant for US listeners.


This is one of those free Android apps which I would highly recommend. TuneIn Radio is by far the best Android radio app available. And no doubt, it deserves to be labeled like that. You can access this app regardless you location which makes it very popular.  It offers you with amazing feature of recording the radio so that you can listen to it later.

Apart from these 3 Android radio apps, you could find number of other similar radio apps for your Android devices. And if you are already using any such app, do share with us.

Enjoy the Music!

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July 7, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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