10 Best Android GPS Applications

Android has surely turned into a powerful, robust, stable and LOVEABLE operating system for most of the recent devices like smartphones, tablet PCs. And with the increase in the number of Android devices, number of Android applications have also increased.

Since, GPS application is one of those applications that every body wants to have on their smartphones, or portable devices. So, we list out some of best Android GPS apps which would surely make your life easier.

Here is the list of 10 best Android GPS apps (In alphabetical order):

This GPS application is more like a database or directory, and yes, it is very much similar to PLACES DIRECTORY. This Android app is capable of catering to your basic GPS requirements like finding restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

As the name indicates, CoPilot is an amazingly informative and helpful GPS solution for your Android device. Although, you need to store all the maps on your memory in order to use this Android GPS app but its user interface is very much similar to conventional GPS devices like Garmin which does not gives the user a tough time.

Glympse is an Android app meant for T-Mobile users as it uses its G1’s GPS to extract maps, and other location related information. Using this Android GPS application, you can send you location via link to any other user. And the other person can see your location in real-time.

Google Maps is something that does not need any introduction. Now, it is available as Android GPS app too. Google Maps can be accessed on your Android Device, if the version of OS is 1.6 or above. No wonder, Google Maps is the best Android GPS app available as some of its features are not at all offered by any other Android based GPS app.


This single Android based application uses information generated from Camera, GPS and compass and offers you with required information like location and address. Layer is a powerful Android GPS app, but since it uses many other apps at the background, its performance might turn you mad.

I believe that technically, Locale is most advanced Android GPS app so far. Its technology is so amazing that it changes the settings of your phone or android device with respect to your location. For example, this GPS app for can change the profile of your Android smartphone to OUTDOOR, once you walk into a movie hall. You surely want to try this application, because it is far more than a conventional GPS application.

Loopt is a unique Android GPS app as it lets the users share the maps among other users of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Boost, MetroPCS and T-Mobile networks. This android based application lets you share your location, traffic infromation, maps with your friends via phones, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and blogs.

As the name implies, this Android GPS app is more like a database or directory. Using Places Directory, you can find the location and other related information of any attractions, banks, bars, cafes, gas stations,  hotels, medical services, cinemas, garages, restaurants, shops and taxis.

This robust GPS application is only designed for Android devices like Android smartphones and tablet PCs. It uses Google Maps API and offers you with required locations. This Android GPS app features voice information system too.

Honestly speaking, WisePilot has nothing special to offer. Like CoPilot, this Android GPS app too features voice alerts and moreover WisePilot is not a free android application. But it lets you manage all you routes online, which might be the feature which could give this GPS application a better edge.

These were the 10 best Android GPS applications which would surely cater to your GPS needs. An Android device can be made more powerful and useful with better apps. And these Android Apps would surely add the benefits of your device.


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